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Dr. Leach and all of his team treated me great. I received great customer service along with great patient care. Dr. Leach and his wife were great with me throughout this lengthy procedure. Not everyone can do what they do and actually enjoy doing it. Not everyone treats their patients with love, care, and compassion like they do. I felt 0 pain while under their care. They made my procedure as painless as possible. They calmed me down when I was anxious and nervous. I’m very satisfied with all of my work done by Dr. Leach. Although my journey was a rough one, it was definitely a worth it one. I am now 9 months post Op and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I really recommend Dr. Leach for any oral and maxillofacial surgeries. He’s a great surgeon, as well as a great individual.

Emma V.

Dr. Leach and Staff did a great job with my Orthognathic surgery and 3 implants. I recommend them for all your surgery needs.

Andrew H.

As someone who struggled with dental issues from an early age, I was quite fearful of what having the All-On-X procedure.  Mostly I had two primary concerns:  The fact that all existing teeth (even though they were permanently damaged and not redeemable in any way) would be removed and the cost.  Seeing images of happy smiling patients’ post-surgery, along with you-tube videos of the procedure set my mind at ease.  After talking with Dr. Leach and his team, the coordinator put me in touch with a lender that specialized in loans for just such a procedure.  While some priorities did have to change, I was able to make it work and jumped right in after that.  Post-surgery has actually been quite pleasant.  I experience no real pain and my dietary requirements have not restricted me from being able to enjoy the company of others when eating out.  I am thankful that I went forward with the procedure.

John R.

Dr. Leach and his team were amazing and made me feel comfortable during my journey of having jaw surgery. He gained my trust quickly because he made sure he discussed all my options and reasons why I needed the surgery. After my jaw surgery, I love my smile and is no longer self-conscious about my jaw or the way my chin looks. I could not have asked for a better team or experience.

Thank you, Dr. Leach and team.

Candace C.

In December of 2019, Dr. Daniel Leach performed an extensive oral surgery on our 19-year-old son.  In the 4 to 5 years of preparation for this surgery with our orthodontist, Dr. Loring Ross, we met with many qualified oral surgeons.  Our son felt most comfortable and confident with Dr. Leach, as did we.   The communication between these two doctors was evident.   In layman’s terms, my sons lower jaw was shifted to one side and askew, the upper jaw did not align which made daily chewing, TMJ pain and periodontal disease an issue.  The preparation, execution and follow-up of this extensive surgery went without a hitch.  The general anesthetist was professional as well and helped us even after the procedure with expected pain control.  The assistants were kind and understood exactly what they needed to do on behalf of my son.  This was not an easy surgery by any means, it was well thought out by all of us.  Dr. Leach provided us with computerized visuals so we could see his treatment plan and process to achieve the result we had been anticipating for such a long time.  First and foremost, my son’s proper function was restored for his lifetime benefit.  He now has a warm, generous and confident smile.  We made the right decision to follow this through with Dr. Leach and his staff.  The achieved result was worth it all!

I’m one of the biggest fans of the Leach Machine!

Julie C.

I wore braces for about 25 months during high school. After getting them off when I was sixteen, my lower jaw kept growing. Within just a few years, I could no longer get my back molars to touch. This made chewing more time-consuming. Additionally, my two front teeth began to grind against my lower teeth; they were showing signs of wear. These problems came about very slowly, so I did not notice them. Luckily during a routine appointment, my dentist noticed these problems and recommended I consider orthognathic surgery.

I met with Dr. Leach and we discussed treatment options. He determined the best course of action would be to move my upper jaw forward a few millimeters. In December 2020 I had orthognathic surgery performed by Dr. Leach. Immediately after the surgery, the improvement was obvious. My teeth now touch together perfectly. I can chew my food more easily, and my front teeth are no longer wearing down. Additionally, during the surgery, Dr. Leach discovered my septum was deviated. He fixed my nose, and now I breathe much easier.

The surgery recovery was very manageable. I was on a liquid diet for about three days before I began chewing very soft foods. Over the next few weeks, I slowly began eating tougher foods. Within about six weeks, my diet was back-to-normal. Now, more than six months after surgery, I feel great and appreciate the benefits every day.

During the whole process, Dr. Leach was excellent. He clearly communicated with me and my parents. Dr. Leach was upfront about the surgery and what it would entail. He gave me his personal cell phone number so I could text him in the days and weeks after the surgery. Dr. Leach even attended the post-surgery appointments I had with my orthodontist. I would recommend Dr. Leach to anyone who needs oral surgery; he is the consummate professional.

Kyle L.

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